Theme of the Festival

Concept: Rediscovering the Power of Food

  • Food is the foundation of action that gives us life.
  • Food is the very history and culture of a country or region.
  • Food the biggest and most important core industry for people everywhere.
  • Food is art.
  • Food is entertainment.
  • Food is communication with those who are important to you.
  • Food symbolizes happiness, prosperity and hope. Its importance is recognized everywhere.

Food has many powers. In the concept for Osaka Food Expo 2021, we focus on and inquire into those wide-ranging power of food with new eyes.

A New Type of Food Expo: Four Challenges

  • 1
    A food expo that brings excitement not only to the venue but also throughout the city and region
    Events related to Food Expo Osaka 2021 are presented throughout the region, including in the Golden Week period.
  • 2
    Content that gets people talking
    Compelling content will be created through partnerships with various companies, organizations, etc.
  • 3
    Diverse admission-fee systems
    Various admission-fee and settlement systems will be introduced to serve a diverse range of participants.
  • 4
    A global festival
    Food Expo Osaka 2021 will be a festival of international cultural exchange on the theme of food, linked to Expo Osaka Kansai.

Visual Identity

The year 2021 will witness a series of international events, such as World Masters Games 2021 Kansai and Expo Osaka Kansai. These events create a glittering opportunity raise the profile of Osaka Food Expo 2021. As the 10th Osaka Food Expo approaches, we have decided to establish an official English name for the expo and create a new logo.

  • The logo suggests a smile with a tongue extending to the side, as when eating something delicious.
  • The circle suggests the letter "O," for "Osaka," as well as the letter "G," for "good" (meaning "delicious").

Main Theme "UTAGE"

Humans seek pleasure. That is an instinct of human beings as intellectual animals.
Pleasure emerges from mutual relationships, because we humans, as social animals, are most interested in fellow humans.
We desire an atmosphere shared among people who build mutual relationships for pleasure.
By sharing what we see and hear with other people, we try to share objects of interest.
To expand mutual relationships, humans need the help of colors, shapes, and sounds.
It is therefore natural that places where humans build mutual relationships are often decorated, and theatrical and musical performances take place in such places.
People who build mutual relationships for pleasure also try to exchange their views and expressions with each other.
Human relationships involve conversation, gestures, and clothing styles.
When building relationships with others, everyone tries to use every possible method to express themselves.
People who build mutual relationships for pleasure, in particular, desire to share tastes and flavors, as well as to become inebriated together, to really experience the feeling of experiencing life together.
Eating and drinking are the most basic acts for becoming aware of the existence of ourselves as a living being, and delicious food and drinks bring instinctive pleasure.
Sharing them with others is surely the essence of living and enjoying such experiences together.
When building mutual relationships for pleasure, we need delicious food and drinks, beautiful colors and shapes, pleasant sounds and conversation, and good staging.
People in this country call that which contains all these things “utage.” Utage requires both a spirit of mutual relationships for pleasure and skill in providing greater pleasure.
Therefore, sharing the spirit of utage with people in the world and enhancing the skill of utage will bring deeper happiness to this world.

Written by Taichi Sakaiya

Executive Committee for OSAKA FOOD EXPO 2021
2F, South Bldg., Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market, 2-2-8 Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi